Hong Kong: Day 1, The Peak

Images from my first day in Hong Kong

Beijing Airport: 6am

Air China

First Meal in Hong Kong: @ Dim Sum Square

Dragon Fruit

Cooked Food Center: Sheung Wan

At and near Western Market

Andrea and I were waiting for Jay (who went to the bank) and T (who was taking a picture) on this street corner when an older Chinese gentleman came up to Andrea and asked her to read a letter. I was a little jet-lagged and thought this was something similar to the gypsy scam they having going on in Paris but Andrea started to read the letter out loud and it was a letter the man had written to a friend of his. She helped him correct a few mistakes he had. It turned out the man had a few letters and the next one she had him read to her. She helped him with his pronunciation and a little with the grammar. The man was so excited to have run into her. We joked later that he must have been walking up and down the street looking for a white person to help him with his letters. He could not have run into a better person. It was such a cool thing to experience.

The Gang

Scenes from Queens Road

The Peak


  1. These pictures are awesome! Is the second to last picture of crabs? It sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  2. Yes those are crabs, and they were BIG! I think I took a black and white photo of the guy cooking them through the window. I hope it turns out.