Hong Kong: Day 3, Po Toi island

T pointed out that we are seeing Hong Kong the way few people see it. We have our own private tour guides that know all the cool and touristy things we should see. For example, today we went for a sail boat ride to Po Toi island for lunch. How many people do that? Not very many.

Before I get started on Hong Kong: Day 3, I wanted to make a list of things I have noticed here.
1. Hong Kong is a city that stays up late and gets moving slowly in the morning.
2. Pedestrians do NOT have the right of way. And the drivers here, they will take you out.
3. The drivers of the double decker busses all went to race-driver school before they could become bus drivers.
4. Hong Kong is a clean city.
5. In Hong Kong, I will always look like a tourist, no matter how I dress, even though everyone here wears the same color I do; black.
6. The people here do not smile until you smile at them, and they are more than willing to help you if they know english.
7. The food here is incredible and there are a lot of different kinds of cuisine available.
8. Hong Kong is a very safe city and it feels very safe all the time.

I am sure I will add to this list as the days go by, but for now here is the round up of Hong Kong: Day 3.

The day started with a sail boat trip to Po Toi island where we had lunch.

The BEST calamari I have ever had!

The day ended at the American Restaurant in Wan Chai with Beijing cuisine and a Peking Duck.

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