Hong Kong in 2 weeks!!!!!


I leave for Hong Kong in two weeks. T leaves in 6 days..... It kind of snuck up on me. I haven't put together my travel cheat sheet yet and T wants to know what I want to do/ see so he will wait for me to see it. Guess I need to get that together.....

I can't believe this trip is just around the corner. I need to have a packing list. I need to find a cooking school. I need to find some direction. I need to create my cheat sheet.

My cheat sheet is a small notebook (moleskin) that I use to put everything I need (copy of passport, flight info, addresses and phone numbers and maps) and things I want (fun things from the internet, restaurants to try, spas...) and put them all in one place. I also use this book to keep track of what I do every day on the trip and write notes to myself about pictures and experiences. At the end of my trips I have these notebooks as memory keepers. They are cool.

I am working on the Hong Kong notebook and T found this great website called China-Mike that has a lot of really good information! I might just copy the list China-Mike has here for Hong Kong and call it a night.

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