Pomegranate Jelly: 2010

When I was a child, my mother had us make Christmas gifts every year. She was on an ornament kick for a few years (one of them scarred me against sewing for the most of my life) we made candles one year and then she had the bright idea to make pomegranate jelly.

This might not seem like a big deal today because you can BUY pomegranate juice in the store, but back then.... we (my sisters and I) had the pleasure of picking pomegranates off the tree and making everything from scratch. My mom supervised and handled the making of the jelly and the canning. I think we made Pomegranate Jelly for 5 years.... It was quite the process.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2010. I walk into my sisters' house and the Little Sister laughs " You won't believe what the Middle Sister wants to do? Call Mom and make Pomegranate Jelly!". WHAT! Why don't you just have us make ornaments? But the Middle Sister talked me into it and this past weekend the three of us headed out to make some Pomegranate Jelly!

Here is how we did it:

Soak the pomegranates. Some people say this makes them easier to work with....

Cut open the pomegranates. I just cut around the edge and then split them with my hands so I can get all the seeds.

Extract Seeds (for hours...)

Squeeze the seeds to get juice.

Add juice to sugar and make Jelly.

Pour Jelly into jars and can.

Or be like me and just eat the seeds.

Because we had tons of them.....


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  1. So cute you guys are! Tell your mom (and sisters) I say "hi".
    - Angela (Corman) Drumm