Hong Kong: Day 6, Photos around town

Day 6 had all of us waking up at 11am. I was recovering from my cold and the rest of the gang had stayed out until 3am ringing in the new year.

Day 6 was a mellow, walk around the neighborhood kind of day.

A few more Hong Kong observations:
1. Steering wheels are on the right side of the car and people drive on the right side of the street.
2. A yellow light after a green light lets the drivers know the light is going to change to red just like in the United States. In Hong Kong there is a yellow light after the red light to signal the light is going to change to green. Cars will go when the light changes to yellow... watch out!
3. Crosswalks with pedestrian stop lights make a fast ticking sound when they change to green and start to blink and make a slow ticking sound when they are about to change to red. People run across the street when this happens to get out of the way of the cars who gun it when the light turns yellow.

Day 6 breakfast started at a Vietnamese place called Nha Trang. Andrea said she was glad we were adventurous eaters because she got to try new restaurants. This one was on her list.

Then we wandered around and took some pictures.

T found a deserted building and we took some pictures from the roof.

We stopped at Holly Brown for some gelato.

This was the mac command center at the apartment.

We had Nepalese food for dinner.

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