Hong Kong: Day 7, Macau & Fernado's

Day 7 was overcast and gloomy in Hong Kong. Up until then we had blue skies and people kept telling us we were having great weather. Now I understood why. Our last day in Hong Kong we had decided to go to Macau, the former Portuguese colony, across the water. Macau is like Hong Kong in the sense that it was a colony that was turned over to China but still operates itself. It is the "Vegas" of the east and not really my scene.

I don't want to tell you the details of the crazy ferry terminal or trying to get through customs. Or how we were starving and trying to find a certain restaurant. I will tell you about the public bus we jumped on that took us to Fernado's where we had a great meal of shrimp in clam sauce, charcoal grilled chicken and fejoda. The public bus ended up giving us a pretty good tour of the casinos and hotels being built. It really is a dirty version of Vegas.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.
The shrimp in clam sauce (they were out of clams) and charcoal chicken at Fernado's.

Grand Lisboa casino.

Holiday icicle lights

Jay and Andrea supporting Starbucks.

The facade of the oldest catholic church in the background.

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