Snow day on the horizon

Wow. Give a girl a three day weekend and she still didn't get to her blog post....

Ignore the fact that we are having amazing (almost beach weather) in So Cal right now and celebrate my first snowboard with me!

You might remember last year when I learned to snowboard at the Heavenly Learn to Ride School (here is my review)....The pain has faded from my memory and T called and said "Tahoe?" and I said "sure...." and now I own a snowboard.

I bought a used Burton Feelgood (152), boots, bindings, gloves and a bag all for the price of one NEW snowboard! Score! I got everything at CBS Boardshop in Lake Forest, CA and everything conveniently matches.... What? I am a girl.... I at least want to look good, even if I am falling all over the place... Next weekend.... In TAHOE!

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