Snowboarding day 5-6

Today I made it down the hill twice without falling on a snowboard. This is a new personal best for me.
lake tahoe
I am ready to go snowboarding again. I am even planning on buying a pass next year so I can get in a lot more boarding. What a difference a year makes!

Yesterday was my first time on a snowboard in a year. I was a little nervous but headed to Heavenly (California Lodge) and up the tram to the towrope area to see if I remembered anything. I was at Heavenly pretty early and the towrope wasn't running yet. I hiked up the hill and decided to see what I could do. Testing out the new board and bindings was a little frustrating at first but I got it figured out. Heading down the hill I was close to where I ended last year. Toe and heel slides came back to me and I remembered how to link my turns. I still fell, a lot.

The guys who run the towrope showed up and started telling me how to do tricks after a few runs down the hill. It was pretty funny but I nailed a few of them and that helped my ego a little because I was still falling on some of my turns. After about 25 runs I decided to try Patsy's (the run I ended on last year) to see if I could make it down without falling. No such luck. We ended the day a little early because the wind came up but I was feeling okay. Here is a picture of T and I in front of the Lake View Lodge (T took both the pictures on this post).

Today we took the Gondola at The Village up the hill and I tried my luck on some runs there. The weather was amazing. Crisp, but not too cold, and sunny. I never really waited in a lift line and everyone who works at Heavenly is friendly and helpful. I think the hill I was on was called the Big Easy or Easy Street.... just my style. I had good luck exiting the chair lift all day and was starting to understand my bindings a little better. By the end of the day I had made it down the hill twice without falling!

This is huge for me.
Without falling.
I am still on a snowboard high!
TWICE! Without Falling!
I feel like I could do anything....

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