New(ish) digital, Interior Design Magazines

When I received a notice that Domino Magazine was not going to be published anymore I was so bummed. I loved Domino! It was right up my ally with interior design ideas I could dream about and some ideas I could actually do. It was like having tea (or wine) with a really good friend. I missed it and did not take our sudden break up well.

A significant amount of time has passed, and while I am still a little heartbroken, I saw some cute online design magazines over the weekend and I thought I would share them with you.

First is Lonny which jumped in very soon after Domino left me. I have seen it around, but was just not ready for a commitment. This weekend we had a quick cup of tea and I can see us hanging out in the future. The cool thing is that all of the issues are available under the Archives so you can see what Lonny is really about..

The cute newcomer is Matchbook Magazine. They claim to be a field guide to a charmed life. With only two issues under their belt, I am liking what I see so far. Maybe we should have some tea too.

Let me know your thoughts. I know some of you are going to love these.

Some highlights from Domino turned up on Brides.com. If you wanted to check them out.


  1. I looked at Domino - budget friendly..... Their NY place reminded me of what you and T did in SLO at #5.

  2. Thanks for this post! I'm also still trying to fill the hole in my heart left by Domino and will give these emags a try.