Orange & Vanilla Marmalade

Recently I tried my hand at making Orange and Vanilla Marmalade. I found the recipe on Design*Sponge from guest blogger Ashley English.

I have a little experience with canning but have never tried marmalade before. The Farmers' Markets are exploding with citrus and my Mom gave me some amazing lemons off her tree... so I thought... why not?

First I would like to say that Ashley's' recipe is fairly simple. She doesn't have pectin listed in the recipe and instead tells you to keep all the seeds and add them to marmalade. My only problem was that the incredible oranges I got at the Farmers' Market did not have seeds, not one. This got me worrying a bit. How was my marmalade going to have the correct texture?

Well I was worried for a good reason. The recipe takes about two days to make (with all the waiting time) and when I finally canned my concoction, it was not jam like at all. It was more like syrup....

So day three found me adding some liquid pectin to the marmalade mixture and re-canning everything. And this time it almost worked out. The marmalade is not quite what the constancy it should be but it is very close. It tastes amazing and I am happy with my results. I think I can only get better from here on out. AND because the texture is a little off, it made a perfect glaze on salmon tonight for dinner!

I added some pictures and video to the blog post Tahoe and back in 4 days if you are interested!

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