Photo Field Trip: Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

I loved field trips as a kid. I especially remember in my 4th grade class we went on seven field trips. My instructor Mrs Knauer (one of the best teachers I ever had) made all her students buy their own supplies (like pencils and rulers) so she could use that money for field trips. I remember she had a list and we all had to put our supplies in a Pringles can to keep them organized.... I think it was the first time I realized school was not a joke. Mrs. Knauer took learning very seriously. I think she was the toughest teacher I ever had.

On the topic of Mrs. Knauer, I wanted to tell you about my favorite field trip in her class. In 4th grade we learned about the California Missions and the tide-pools. These two topics were crammed into one field trip and we went to see the Dana Point tide pool and the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. I remember running around the mission BUT I really remember the tide pools. We had this tide-pool booklet we needed to complete before we could go on the field trip. It was huge, and a lot of hard work. We had to answer questions about different life forms in the tide-pools, color each picture accurately, pass quizzes and a whole bunch of other things I don't remember 20 something years later. The booklet had to be complete to be able to go on the field trip. The day before the field trip my booklet was not complete. I was not going to be able to go. I had kind of given up and decided I wasn't going to make it. Mrs. Knauer looked at me, told me to take my tide-pool booklet and go to Mr. Turners' class to finish it. The next day I was on the bus!

Their is something magical about field trips. They take us to places we never would have chosen to go before. As I got older I traded in field trips for dates, and international travel. But recently T and I took a field trip to the Queen Mary. He was testing out a new film and I was just along for the ride. The Queen Mary has a self-guided walking tour and I learned a lot about the boat from following this tour and taking advantage of the early morning silence to just enjoy a new place. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the day.


  1. I'm the first, right, the first one to write a comment, I remember in my fourth grade class, I was always the last now I'm the first, woohoo, oh, I digress, I like the images, like them a lot and would love to join you on a field trip some time, maybe X-Mas 2011??

  2. Sounds like a plan. Are you going to try the snowboard this time?