Cocktails in LA

Saturday night T and I joined some co-workers of his for a benefit in Los Angels that was part of the Month of Photography Los Angels (MOPLA). The night started at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in East LA called El Tepeyac Cafe. There were four of us and we ordered ONE Chili Verde burrito. The menu said it could feed 2-4 people. It could, and did, and we still had about a fourth of it left. Incredible food. Great fast service and the owner who mans the front door was incredible. T and I will be back!

After dinner we went to some warehouse/ old factory for an event called Snapshot that benefitted at risk youth. Cocktail attire was suggested, but being that this was a photo event in LA...... that standard was not always maintained. It was a hosted bar event with Absolute Vodka pouring a cucumber-mint number or a grapefruit-jalapeno sensation. As I was the driver, I did not partake, but they sounded incredible. There was a DJ (Peanut Butter Wolf) and a group of four violinists who rocked. My only complaint was that there was not enough photographs... strange considering it was a photo event....

Images from the evening:


  1. Umm...is the first picture suppose to be you and T? That is what it makes me think of.

  2. If we ate at that restaurant more often it could be!