the next page in this So Called Life....

Tonight I saw first hand what a difference one person can make. A colleague was retiring and many of his former students came and honored him. They spoke of the lessons he taught them, the family they belonged to in his classes, and how he had helped them to become the best versions of themselves.

This colleague and I had talked in January and he told me I convinced him to retire. We had talked about all that life has to offer and I told him how I couldn't wait to retire. Everyday would be like "August" when I retired. There were (are) so many things I wanted to do. But he didn't retire because of the things he could do (even though I am sure that was a big part of it). No; he told me he was ready to retire because he had finally found a group (myself included) of new faculty who could carry the torch forward. The torch, or passion, for students, and the goal of helping them find the best version of themselves.

After tonight, I think I have some really big shoes to fill.

Good luck to each of my colleagues who retired this year. You will be missed and there is be a hole in our little family. Breath. Welcome the next moment. Turn the page in your So Called Life. The best is yet to come. Congratulations.

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