Alaska Eagle: Acapulco

I have just arrived back from my adventure aboard Alaska Eagle. Instead of having one long novel about the trip, I have decided to break it up based on the places we stopped in the boat. Think of them as small chapters. They will be:

Alaska Eagle: Acupulco
Alaska Eagle: Acupulco to Cabo San Lucas
Alaska Eagle: Cabo San Lucas
Alaska Eagle: Cabo San Lucas to Santa Maria
Alaska Eagle: Santa Maria to Turtle Bay
Alaska Eagle: Turtle Bay
Alaska Eagle: Turtle Bay to San Diego

Our adventure began with a red-eye flight from LAX to Mexico City. As we were waiting to board there was an announcement that you could upgrade to First Class for $100. Hmmmm, a little more space to sleep for our red-eye, yes please! T upgraded us and I think it was worth it. Here we are in our fancy First Class seats

We arrived in Mexico City and found our way to the Air Train which took us to the terminal we needed. Here is a picture of the roof of the airport as we waited for the train. I liked how the architect had created arches with the roof, almost like wings....

At the airport we met up with Taylor, another member of the crew and all boarded our flight to Acapulco. I had done a lot of reading about the Taxi system in Acapulco and was a little worried about negotiating for our ride but in turned out they had a new system. When you get off the plane there is a stand where you tell them where you need to go and there is a preset price for different areas. Then they show you 4 different pictures of taxis on the computer screen and you pick one. You pay the guy at the airport and an other guy takes you out to the taxi. The taxi then takes you to your destination and you tip him. Very easy.

We were staying at Club de Yates Acapulco (or the Acapulco Yacht Club). It was very posh with a great pool. Here are a few pictures from around Acapulco.

Club de Yates

A near by beach

The Volkswagen Bug Taxis that were everywhere

The famous cliff divers of Acapulco

Acapulco was hot and humid. If you were sitting in the shade and not moving, you were sweating a little, if you were in the sun or moving at all, you were sweating a lot. Additionally there was not much of a breeze and there were mosquitos. T, Taylor, David, and Rich and Sheri were the crew from Acapulco to Cabo San Lucas. We all arrived on Sunday and were scheduled to leave on Wednesday. Tuesday we learned about Hurricane Adrian brewing and hightailed it out Acapulco a day early. Next stop, Cabo San Lucas!