Alaska Eagle: Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas has been called the Newport Beach of Mexico and after a few days there I can see why. Right off the marina is an extensive shopping mall and all the high-end stores make an appearance. I was shocked to see the likes of Prada and Fendi hanging out in Cabo. I guess they weren't kidding when they said it was like Newport Beach...

We arrived around 7am on a Saturday in Cabo San Lucas. T took this picture of the boat pulling in. If you look closely you can see me on the bow (front) of the boat. Our plan was to clear customs on Monday and then continue North. The moment the boat stopped moving I felt like a million bucks. Or maybe I should say I felt hungry! If you have been hanging out with me in the blog world for a bit, you know I love food. In the five days it took to go from Acapulco to Cabo I could only eat canned peaches. The moment the boat stopped I was ready for a steak! It was amazing.

Cabo was fun with a beautiful big marina and lots of places to eat. The tradition of Happy Hour continued in Cabo and the company who ran the marina sent us a round of margaritas to welcome us.

Saturday night we had a wonderful Italian dinner at a place called Romeo & Julieta. The caesar salad was made at the table and the pizza was outstanding. If I ever go to Cabo again I will be eating there. Here are a few pictures from dinner:

After dinner we eventually found our way to El Squid Roe, a bar/club in town. This place was a people watching paradise with funny signs and red lights coloring the space. It seemed like everyone was dancing and having a great time. Taylor even ran into some of his friends who had just graduated from High School. Small world....

My short stay in Cabo consisted of walking around the town and seeing the sites, but mostly it consisted of visiting every Pharmacy I could looking for an anti-sea sick patch. Taylor had one on and it seemed to stop him form being sea sick. Everyone on the boat was trying to find it for me. No one had it. They all had viagra and a multitude of other drugs, but no sea sick patch. I think I visited 50 Pharmacies. Finally one of them had one patch and I bought it. It was not cheap and I was crossing my fingers it would work. On the day we were leaving I found two more of the patches right before we set sail. I think everyone's fingers were crossed that it would work! Here are a few pictures from around Cabo.

Next stop: Santa Maria!

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