Alaska Eagle: Cabo San Lucas to Santa Maria

The morning before we left Cabo San Lucas T applied the "anti seasickness" patch and I took half a Bonine. We cleared customs about 1pm and were on our way. The good news is that I was not feeling too sick. I wasn't jumping around, but I didn't get sick right away so that was a good sign.

Leaving Cabo the weather instantly turned colder and we started putting on foul weather gear. The waves were breaking on the bow (front) of the boat and the spray would drench whoever was sailing. I think I stuck with my diet of canned peaches but everything seemed to be okay. I was weaker then normal but able to hold my own. I stood my watches and managed to be part of the crew. David had left us in Cabo and we were down to five members. Here is T with his foul weather gear.

I have a memory of standing one of the night watches. I am not sure if it was on this leg of the trip or one of the future ones. The night was dark with the moon rising behind my left shoulder. It was bright enough that it made me think of headlights coming behind the boat. Rich and I were standing watch and the waves seemed fairly big to me. Alaska Eagle would crest a wave and then disappear into the trough of the wave. The waves were so close together that they would break over the bow of the boat and send water over the boat. It was a full body workout to steer the boat and keep it on course. At one point Rich went below deck and I was alone with the ocean. I will never forget those moments. The sea was cantankerous and continued to spit at me. Sometimes when we would crest a wave I would catch air and the only think connecting me to the boat was my white knuckled grip on the wheel. I could only look at the compass or at the next wave because the ocean spray blurred the stars dancing around me. It was a reminder of how small we are in this huge earth. It was humbling, and a little frightening.

We anchored in Santa Maria because it was Taylors' 18th birthday and we wanted to make a cake and have dinner together. After a day and a half of cold, wet, travel I was excited to have a chance to help with dinner and spend time with everyone on board. I think it was a memorable experience for everyone. Here is a picture of Taylor after he frosted the cake.

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