Alaska Eagle: Santa Maria to Turtle Bay

T was all smiles when we arrived in Santa Maria and hunkered down in Alaska Eagle to stay the night.

Here is a picture of the weather pouring over the mountains into the bay.

The following morning we were off at 6am and on our way. Immediately things did not look good for me. I started to feel sick the moment the boat started to move and lost my breakfast quickly after we started the trip. T applied my second anti-seasickness patch but it was too late. I was really sick again. This day was a record for the number of time I threw up. The twelfth time was when I was standing watch from 11pm-2am. It was awful. I would stand my watch, get sick. Try to walk to my bunk, get sick. Breath, get sick. Twelve times that day. My stomach mussels were sore and my throat hurt. My body was so weak but my mind was stubborn and I stood all of my watches.

The crew was amazing every time I got sick. Someone would be there with a glass of water and a paper towel. They had been doing this the whole trip with Taylor and Sheri being my biggest support crew. I was so grateful for all of them. I spent a lot of time curled up in the aft cockpit before my watch.

After the first really bad day things tapered off and I would only get sick 2-3 times a day. My diet still consisted of canned peaches and Bonine but I seemed to able to keep those down most of the time. If I wasn't standing watch I was sleeping and I was excited when we made it to Turtle Bay. The plan was to spend two nights in Turtle Bay and then move on to San Diego. I was excited to have a chance to get some food back into my system and to see a little bit of Turtle Bay.

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