Alaska Eagle: Turtle Bay

I live in California, but I don't go to Mexico very much. This Alaska Eagle trip was the longest I had ever been in Mexico. My experience with Mexico consisted of my previous posts about this trip and a one day excursion to Tijuana with my dad when I was 12. With that being said, I wasn't really prepared for Turtle Bay. It was much bigger then I expected but had some elements that surprised me.

The town surprised me. It seemed sleepy with the occasional nice truck driving through. I guess it is typical in Mexico but I was surprised to see all the big propane tanks connected to houses loosely. The dock was also a surprise. There was a little dock the boat "taxi" we took in would tie up to and then a much bigger dock that you had to climb some questionable stairs to. You could only get to the stairs when the little dock moved close enough to jump to them. Here is a picture T took of the "guard dog" on the little dock. Maybe he was the greeter, because he was always happy to see us.

Our second day in Turtle Bay we went beach combing. This was another thing that surprised me. There was a beautiful beach that was completely empty. We had it all to ourselves.

After our beach combing adventure we all relaxed for the rest of the day.

I think this was the night Sheri made a killer Pasta Puntenesca and we all went to bed a little after night fell.

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