Review: Pizzaria Mozza, Newport Beach

It's 10pm on Labor Day and that means summer is officially over. I am still working on putting together some posts about a few camping adventures but my posts are turning into mini-novels and taking longer then I thought they would. I guess by posting them after Labor Day I am creating my own version of an Indian Summer...

For a quick post this week I thought I would review the newly opened Pizzaria Mozza in Newport Beach.

T wanted to go out to dinner tonight and decided we should try Pizzaria Mozza in Newport Beach. Originally started by Mario Batalli, Pizzaria Mozza was supposed to be amazing. Locals on Yelp were comparing it to Pizzaria Ortica and I was curios to see which one was my kind of place.

I will save you the suspense and let you know that T and I decided Pizzaria Ortica is more our style. We're kind of low key and hadn't made a reservation so we put our name in for a seat at the bar. The hostess told us it would be a 30-40 minute wait. We were on the fence at this point if we should stay, but decided to wait it out. An hour and a half later we were seated. As a former restaurant employee, I will say the hostess were very apologetic about the wait. As a former restaurant employee, I will also say you always overestimate the wait time. That way each customer is surprised and happy when they are called early, not angry and ready to go home like T was.

Our waitress was very pleasant an there seemed to be a crew of people working the floor. T and I were seated at the bar that overlooked the pizzas and wood burning oven. Nice little eye-candy for dinner. We each ordered a pizza with fennel sausage, mine with bacon and his with scallions. Both pizzas were good with the consistence of T's pizza crust being close to perfect. My pizza was called the "meat-lovers" and had a lot of grease that many the crust a little soggy. Oh well. For dessert we had a caramel something with salted peanuts. I personally thought the peanuts were too salty.

Was it good? Yes, and inventive dishes.

Was it worth an hour and a half wait?
We're not even sure it is worth a 40 minute wait.

This experience makes me want to go back and check out Pizzaria Ortica. I remember their food was good AND they have a much better selection of wine, and I love that combination... Happy eating!

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