DIY Weekend!

I think this is the first weekend I have been home this October and I wanted to make the most of it. Lucky for me T was also in a bit of a project mode and helped me build a pot solution for the kitchen. Here are this weekends DIY projects

1. Paint a chair. This chair is supposed to be "Key Lime". I think they mislabeled the paint. This chair turned out to be much more chartreuse then "Key Lime". For the moment I am going to live with it, see if it grows on me.

2. Build a pegboard pot and pan holder. Success! T helped with this one and I am loving it. I will do the finally painting next week, but already I can see this is going to make it much easier to cook in our kitchen.

3. Cheap, quick, halloween light. Halloween snuck up on me a little this year and I was trying to find a solution for decorating our house and letting trick-or-treaters know we will be open for business. What I decided to do was take one of the plastic pumpkin buckets you can buy at the grocery store and cut out the back and bottom and put it over my porch light. Perfect! Super easy and very effective. I am now totally ready for Halloween.


  1. I love it all! That is amazing! The Halloween decoration looks awesome!

  2. If the chair doesn't grow on you it's already grown on me so I'll take it off of your mind, if you ever need to give up on it. I love it!! :-)