I'm writing a book....

I'm writing a book.

It's a cookbook filled with all my go-to recipes. Not only am I going to write this book, but I am also going to be the photographer too.

Do I plan on making millions of dollars on this and getting it published? Well no actually. I just want my go-to recipes in ONE PLACE. All together, organized and ready for me.

Lucky for me there are a lot of ways I can publish through a "vanity press". The one I have chosen to go with is Blurb books. T turned me on to this last year and we have talked about making a collaborative photo book of some of our trips. Kind of like the most professional scrapbook around! But T seems to have a lot on his plate and this idea never really took off. Me on the other hand, I've decided to make some Blurb books. The cookbook is a little ways off because I really do want to take photos for the book. Try my hand at food photography. So I have started by making a Paris book.

Two summers ago my sisters and I spent a month in Paris. I have some great pictures but they are sitting on my computer. It's time to organize them and put them in a book. I had fun working with the layout n Blurb and deciding how to theme each page. Looking at my collection of work is much harder then looking at a single picture. I'm trying to let the photos them tell a story of Paris but also let them speak about themselves. It's kind of a challenge.

When I am done with this I will move on to the cookbook. I am already compiling recipes and thinking about how to organize each section. When I am finished I will have all my go-to recipes in one place. Who knows, maybe everyone with get a "new" cookbook for Christmas that year......


  1. Hey its Michelle. My google account won't let me post comments on other blogs for some reason.

    But I love blurb. Use it for all our photo books. I am "publishing" my parent's cookbook for my mom for Christmas, and I am going to do it with lulu.com. I don't know if you had seen that one yet. I entered all the recipes, and created the cookbook into Living Cookbook, then you can export it to a word document, add your chapters, format it, etc. Then I can upload it to lulu with the pictures, in the word document. I didn't chose Blurb because as far as I could tell I would have to put the recipes into the Blurb program directly, and with 400+ recipes, I thought that would be a nightmare. I don't have enough knowledge of Adobe products to know if it would be possible with those and then enter into Blurb.

  2. Michelle! What a great Christmas present for your Mom. I haven't looked a lulu.com yet. 400+ recipes is crazy! When you submit it can I buy a copy?

  3. Sure! I was going to do each chapter with family pictures..but the cost difference between color and b/w is $75 I think...so it makes the book $100. Still trying to figure out what to do. The pictures from the scanning company should be back today so hoping I have the weekend to play around with it.