Scarf me up!

For a girl that wore jeans and a t-shirt through four years of high school I have defiantly come a long way when it comes to fashion! And while I wouldn't dare say I am anywhere as close to fashionable as my two sisters, I am defiantly able to hold my own when we hang out. I've come a long way from the girl who did most of my shopping in the guys department let me tell you!

One of my crowning moments of glory was two summers ago when the three of us (my sisters and myself) walked by a group of guys in Paris who were trying to hit on us. They were trying to decided which nationality we were and settled on Italian. Seeing as the Italians are very fashion forward, I was flattered.

My wardrobe is not incredible. It consists of mostly black items that are fairly comfortable but also fit. One of my staples is a collection of scarves I have accumulated on my trips around the globe and as gifts. Scarves give me a heighten sense of fashion and make me seem... a little more international, if you will. I highly recommend one!

Surfing the internet this weekend I came across this video by Wendy's Lookbook showing 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! This video rocks and I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy!


Crock pot to the rescue

I was grumpy this week. I blame it on the time change and some heavy rain fall. Maybe a lack of sleep and my exercise routine getting thrown a little out of whack. All those things let my moodiness from the time change paint everything in a darker shade of reality this week and I could tell I was off my game.

But things started to look up and it is because of the Crock Pot.

The rain this week made me want soup and stew and something delicious waiting for me when I got home from work. Immediately I thought of the crock pot but did not feel like making beef stew all the time. I have other crock pot recipes, but with cooking times of 4-6 hours there is no way I can use them because T and I work 10 hour days.

I was contemplating the crock pot when fate stepped in and I found a book all about crock pot cooking! It was called "Art of the Slow Cooker" and I grabbed the last copy after reading through it for a few minutes.

At home I started tagging pages to try an had over 16 recipes by the time I finished chapter two! Winter was defiantly looking better now. I started out with the Jalapeno Corn Chowder and have to say it was pretty good I'm going to see how the leftovers re-heat because of the cream in the soup, but other then that I seems promising.

One thing I really like about this book is the different cooking times depending on the crock pot temperature. I have an option of a high or low crock pot setting. The low setting let's my crock pot cook all day while I am away at work.

Winter just got a lot more filling! Bring on the crock pot....


My least favorite day

Fall back is my least favorite day of the year.

I know we get an "extra" hour of sleep.

I know it will be light (again) when I run in the morning.

I know it will be dark so early at night. I will miss the sunsets as I sit in my office. I will get home and it will seem so late.

It's part of winter. The shortening of days. The way I want to curl up, and stay in, and just wait for spring.

Today, the first day after the time change is the worst for me. I sit and watch night fall and winter crushes me. I know tomorrow I will be a little better and running at sunrise starts to help. Even the thought of snowboarding makes me smile. But still, I wish for spring. And for sunsets.....