Inspired by the unexpected

A "moment" captured by me in the Dominican Republic.

On Friday I saw a free lecture by Joe Buissink, a "Beverly Hills Wedding Photographer". I didn't walk in expecting anything, I can't even remember if I knew he was a wedding photographer but I walked out inspired and looking for every beautiful moment I came across.

Joe was a story teller with his words and his images. He was passionate about catching as many "moments" as he could and being able to give those "moments" to someone forever through the pictures he captured. Joe talked about "shooting from the hip" and trying to capture everything "in camera" instead of correcting later in Photoshop.

I studied photography when photoshop was starting to be taught in colleges. My first years of photography were all traditional darkroom and film stuff. I loved it. I had to trust that I had the shot with film. There was no "checking the back of the camera" to make sure. Joe talked about a lot of things but one of them was this idea that photographers that shoot digital miss a lot of great moments because they keep checking the image on the back of the camera. I started laughing at this because it is so true. I see it happen all the time. I see it at weddings, family gatherings, and even just walking by people taking pictures. They take the picture and the minute they look at the back of the camera the photo they really should have gotten happens. They miss the moment.

I have a few moment pictures and after listening to Joe I went home and looked through my old portfolio. He had recommended doing this at the lecture and said something to the affect that each picture you shoot has your footprint in it. Or a way of seeing yourself in each picture you took. It turns out he is right. I pulled out some of my pictures and found my footprint. These pictures took me right back to the moment I shot them. It was incredible. This idea of shooting pictures for myself. Loving the images I had and capturing a moment. It almost made me want to start being a photographer again.

Joe Buissink inspired me take more pictures and find the "moments" in life. The Friday night lecture turned into the most inspirational thing I've done in a long time. Thanks Joe!

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