Strawberries for Christmas?

I am not having strawberries for Christmas even though I am still seeing shriveled up versions of them in the Farmers Market (I know I live in Southern California but that is too much). Hello! Strawberries are a Summer food. Stop trying to grow them year round, they taste like paste this time of year!

Unless you live in Australia.

I had a strange "ah ha" moment last week when I received a Donna Hay magazine in the mail and all the Christmas dinners looked like summer BBQs. And it dawned on me, it is summer in Australia during Christmas. Weird. It would be like us celebrating 4th of July right now. In the cold and rain with all the wrong foods!

First I have to remind you that I am not crazy. It makes perfect sense that Australia is experiencing summer right now because they are south of the equator. Everyone south of the equator is experiencing summer. It just dawned on me how experiencing summer during Christmas completly changes what you get to eat!

Food is a very big deal to me. I love it. Eating is one of my favorite things to do but all of a sudden it felt very wrong to be eating strawberries for Christmas. So wrong that I thought about it for days. And not in the judging kind of way but in the way where it made me realize things about myself. Like how important certain foods are to me at certain times of the year. And how I have somehow started eating seasonal foods and when I see things that are out of season I notice it.

I am lucky to live in Southern California where we have Farmers Markets year round. I watch the produce go through seasons and get excited when certain things start to show up. The idea of strawberries for Christmas just seemed crazy!

(In other news I absolutely adore Donna Hay magazine and save issues like this to use when we are having summer.)

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