EAT: Tea for Lunch

Today the sisters and I had "high tea" for lunch with a twist. You see I was reading a blog post from Summer Tomato about Health Recalibration recently and decided to jump on the band wagon. Like her, I had been doing a lot of traveling the last month and was feeling, well fat and sluggish. I did run a few times in Tahoe but when T and I were in Mammoth and Yosemite I didn't get to eat my normal Farmers' Market finds and it showed on the scale when I arrived home.

In case you don't read the Summer Tomato post it is basically that she is eliminating sugar, dairy, and wheat for the month of January. I thought this was a good idea and have decided to do it as well. Of course the moment you decided to stop having something you realize how much you eat it. In my case it wasn't so bad when I cooked for myself but I started to see hurdles when I ate at other peoples' homes or at restaurants. No one likes to be the girl who "can't eat anything" because she is on some crazy "diet". I personally love to cook and eat at home and decided to roll with the punches when it is within my control. I was doing pretty well when the middle sister suggested we have high tea for lunch.

High Tea usually includes delicious tea sandwiches (wheat), with cheeses (dairy), and scones and desserts (sugar). At first I said that sounded like a great idea but immediately realized this was going to be hard with my January way of eating. Lucky for me, the middle sister caught my vibe and said we should try to make a gluten free- non dairy -sugar free, tea for lunch. And we did.

The three sisters had tea-lunch together and we each modified a tea food / sandwich for the event. The menu consisted of chicken salad in endive, cucumber rounds with white bean dip and dill, and frenched green bean salad. For dessert we had a dried fruit and nut platter. We successfully had a gluten free- non dairy -sugar free, tea for lunch!

Cucumber rounds with white bean dip and dill:

Chicken salad in endive:

Dried fruit and nut platter:

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