Farmers Market: Winter in So California

California (and the rest of the country) is experiencing unusually warm weather for this time of year. At least that is what the news is showing me and the fact that a few days around Christmas were defiantly "beach days" is a little odd. The warmer weather messes up my winter soup cravings and makes me just want salads. Lucky for me a rain storm (well I want to call it a storm) hit us over the weekend and soup was on the menu!

(If you are wondering I made fire-pot soup from Jenna at EatLiveRun and then made the Tuscan Kale and White Bean soup again!)

This warmer weather makes me question some of the produce I find in the Farmers' Markets. I mean, I still have tomatoes on my plants, why wouldn't they?

The whole eating things that aren't in season seems to matter to me in a way that is not 100% rational. Remember my strawberry rant? That can't be normal. But with the strange weather, I'm not sure how to feel about some of the foods I am seeing at the Farmers' Market. Case and point: these tomatoes.

Look at them! They look like grapefruits. And the colors are so vibrant. Will they taste like a summer tomato dripping with sweet goodness in a caprase salad? My guess is no.

Taste of Home magazine has put together a great guide of Seasonal Produce by State. Check out California, we have a huge list of produce available to us during the winter months. And I double checked the list for January, tomatoes are not on it. But a few things I did see at the Farmers' Market on the list were:





Sounds like a soup to me!

And my personal favorite, Satsuma Tangerines.

What about you? Are you finding unusually produce in your Farmers' Markets? Let me know I'm not the only one!

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