Goodbye Fall 2011

Fall 2011 went by so quickly! I feel like it just started and now it is over. Looking over my blog posts from the last few months I can see I was all over the place. I was sporadic and not very focused. I did have one heck of a DIY weekend and fell in love with my crock pot again. I see I need to focus a little more on farmers markets and cooking in the up coming season. I think winter 2012 is going to be great and I look forward to sharing it here on everyAUGUST.

A word about the blog headers that get retired with each season. These are pictures I have taken and then give them a place of honor as a banner for my blog. The image for Fall 2011 is a Cafe Latte from Eat Chow. Eat Chow has one big wall that is just windows and I love getting there early for breakfast and watching the place wake up. Seeing the way the overcast skies create beautiful light in restaurant inspire me to always take pictures of my breakfast!

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