Hay Hay Donna: Frittata

A few years ago one of my goals for the year was to take "photo-studio" like pictures of food. My undergraduate degree was in photography and I had wanted to be a food photographer so I thought, why not. That goal wasn't really met and I found myself taking a lot more "street-photography" pictures of food. No big deal. It was still food and I was having fun.

In October the little sister and I were talking about how much we love the photos in the cookbooks and magazine produced by Donna Hay. We joked about starting a blog called Hay Hay Donna that would be us trying her recipes and taking pictures of the food we cooked. I am a bit of a realist though and didn't want to start a blog we might not be able to sustain. As a warm up for Hay Hay Donna I suggested we commit to cooking and photographing what we cook once a month. The little sister was in and that is what we did today.

Behold the Frittata!

The little sister whipped this up and I set up a space near a window to photograph. It might have taken us 2 hours. I personally like the photo below, and I realize I have a long way to go before my food photos become "food porn" but I am glad I get to work on this with my sister and will be brining you our monthly image. Who knows? Maybe Hay Hay Donna will one day become a reality....

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