Russia Revealed: Moscow to St. Petersburg

It's official, I'm going to Russia! I made my last payment for the trip today and have started looking at weather forecasts and thinking about what to pack.

This trip is going to be very different from any trip I have taken to date. First it is a river cruise. Second, my mom is going to be my traveling companion. Third, it is an organized tour. Fourth, it is Russia! I have never been to Russia...

I am a firm believer that life opens unexpected doors and I seem to be the one walking by when this happens. This Russia trip is one of those doors. My friend Mo (I mention her in Death Valley, Owens Valley, and the Green Scene) and her mom found this trip in Russia after casually looking for five years. Five years! Anyhow, Mo mentions this trip to me and said they were trying to get a group of people together and would I want to go? She said she was going with her mom and I should ask my mom if she wanted to go.

My mom, has only recently been out of the country for the first time since before I was born and that was a short trip to Canada. I thought this would be a good trip for her because Mo's mom would be there and we would be on a boat (I'm on a boat and, I'm going fast and....) so we would only have to unpack once. Also (and I discovered this later) the company we are going with caters to "retired" travelers. I asked my mom if she wanted to go and was excited when she said yes.

So everything fell into place and I am headed to Russia in the middle of June with my mom and Mo with a tour group called Grand Central Travel. I am not a huge fan of organized tours but am going into this with an open mind. I am sure there will be times that I wish I was on my own but I am going to pay attention for the good parts of being on a tour (like someone picking you up at the airport) and try not to lament my individual freedom too much.

Have you caught on that this trip is on a boat? Do you remember last summer when T and I brought Alaska Eagle back from Mexico and I was sea sick for two weeks. I definitely remember that trip whenever anyone mentions a boat. This Russia trip is no different. I am a little worried that it is on a boat but am hoping a "river cruise" will not cause sea sickness. Cross your fingers!

I am excited to see Russia! It is a country I have always wanted to visit but never had on a priority list. I'm starting to get recommended books at the library and look forward to visiting this part of the world.

Here is a link to the trip I am taking. Has anyone been to Russia? Any thoughts or words of advise? Send them my way.

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