Birthday Lunch: 2012

This past weekend I celebrated my 35th birthday. Instead of playing the "what should we do for your birthday game with the family" I said let's just have lunch at my place. It turned out this was a great idea. The menu was Asian themed and I wish I had taken pictures of the food! It was really good. T took all the pictures below:

The only food picture I have is of the Otsu with beef satay. The Otsu is amazing and posted on the 101 Cookbooks blog. I make mine without tofu.

T took these photos and they show how it is every time we get together. It seems like we are always laughing. Case and point:

Middle Sister and Dad (Dad dressed up as usual)

Uncle Joe and the Little Sister (again notice the laughter)

Back to the sofa, Middle Sister, Dad, and Jan

Wine, as usual

I had a great mellow birthday and my sides hurt from laughing when the day was done. Though I am usually "out of town" on my birthday I would defiantly do birthday lunch again! Laughing until you cry is a great reminder that the coming year is going to be amazing.

Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful birthday! What a great family you have! And lunch looked delicious! Happy 35th!

    1. Thanks Caroline! You should try the Otsu recipe and I made the Fire-Pot-soup again using red curry. Both were a big hit!

  2. Happy birthday, Liz! I enjoy your blog and "traveling" vicariously through you. It's good to "see" you. Looks like life is good. Say "hi" to your mom and sisters for me. -Angela (Corman) Drumm

    1. Thanks Angela! I will pass on the hello to the Fam!