No place like home

This past weekend was an whirlwind adventure of snowboarding in the Eastern Sierra and driving, driving, driving. And even though I had a lot of fun I have to say "there is no place like home".

A short re-cap of the weekend would start Thursday night with a 5 hour drive to Aberdeen and a 5am wake up call the next day to drive to Mammoth to snowboard. The day ended with a mandatory nap and then dinner with a friend. The next day had a 5am wake up call but my snowboarding that day consisted of one run and then sleeping in the truck for 3 hours. After having lunch at 3 o'clock I found myself in bed at 7pm. The next day was a 5am day again and my snowboarding day ended about noon when I was hit by another snowboarder and landed on an already tender knee. Come to think of it I was hit twice this weekend at Mammoth. Not fun.

Today I bargained with T for an "early" departure and made it home at 3pm.

I have to tell you, there is no place like home. My weekend was crazy and full of me running around, but home feels peaceful, relaxing, and rejuvenating. My irises are just starting to bloom for the first time this year and the sugar snap peas I planted are reaching for the sun. The jasmine was blooming and perfumed the house when I opened a window. I love being home. I love the peace I feel when I get to spend a little time by myself here. It keeps me sane and balanced.

I think Dorthy had it right, "there's no place like home".

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