a birthday for T

Some how in the last fourteen (oh my gosh, FOURTEEN!) years of our relationship, T has reverted to the outdoorsman he was in his youth. As a teenager he took multi-week hikes in the Cascades and tells me of wild blackberries, bears, and friendly policemen who bring pizza to teenagers waiting for their parents after an adventure.

Our relationship never included these kinds of things and centered more around beach camping and day hikes. But two years ago on the way to Tahoe Christmas, T decided to take Hwy 395 (instead of interstate 5) to Tahoe and fell madly in love with the Eastern Sierra. He learned to fly fish and we camped in the Eastern Sierra over the summer. We met a ranger who took us hiking and all of a sudden T was talking about multi-day backpacking trip across the Sierra. Multiple trips to Tahoe the following year for fishing and skiing had us traveling along the Eastern Sierra and this year we got ski passes to Mammoth and are up there every other weekend. We even spent New Years' in Yosemite. I can honestly say I have lost count of how many times we have traveled Hwy 395 this year.

So it was only fitting that for T's birthday we spent it in the Eastern Sierra.

It was a perfect day. We arrived at Chair 2 (Mammoth) to a bluebird sky and a little powder. T skied "Cornice Bowl" for the first time and had so much fun he did it five more times. Around lunch he found me and we decided maybe he should fish too because the weather was so nice. Here we are sporting our new helmets!

We grabbed a bison burger and headed down the hill to Hot Creek. The weather was amazing (warm with a little breeze) and we couldn't believe we had just finished skiing. T took a little time to watch the fish before heading upstream and I ended up reading a book. No fish were biting but every fisherman will tell you a bad day fishing is better than the best day working, so no complaints from T.

The day ended with some friends and my famous Cassoulet (from Cooks Illustrated circa 2000 (this one is similar)) and chocolate cake. All in all T said it was a great birthday!

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