Scenes from Sunday

I am playing blog catch-up over the next few days and look forward to sharing some adventures with you! Until then here are some snapshots from my Sunday:

The sisters and I did the Grunion Run in Dana Point on Sunday. Poor planing on our part had us running the morning after the time change.... to say I was grumpy on the way there would be a BIG understatement.... but my mood improved after the run.

The little sister has an obsession with sharks and we were just talking about trying to find this guy to take a picture with him when he showed up. Guess it was meant to be.

The little sister and I headed over to the Long Beach Farmers' Market with my Big, Bright, Orange-Stripe Bag.

Our final Sunday adventure included a trip to the OC Mart Mix and a stop at the Portola Coffee Lab.

Coming Soon:
T b-day weekend
Lunch Swap
Hay Hay Donna: February

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