My first Mayo

On Friday I made mayonnaise for the first time. And while it's not rocket science or world peace, it did give me that "I just learned to ride a bike" feeling. Strange, but very cool.

The story is simple. It was pouring rain on Friday and I decided to make tuna salad for lunch. I had used the last of these amazing pickles and the end of my celery only to discover that we were out of mayo. Now we might have been out of mayonnaise for months. We are not big "mayonnaise" eaters, but somehow I hadn't noticed it until I needed it. Staring at the rain, I decided to make mayonnaise for my tuna salad.

I googled a mayonnaise recipe and chose the Making Mayonnaise link from Allrecipes. Simple and easy to make with things I already had in my kitchen. I whipped it together and had my first mayonnaise!
My first Mayo!
How was it?

Well, I would give it a "C" and only after I doctored it up by adding some salt and pepper and even a little pickle juice for more flavor. A little of the fault lies with me. The recipe called for light flavored olive oil and I only had the olive oil I had in my house (which was in no way light). I also went with the lemon option and think I might try the vinegar option next time.

Did it work for my tuna salad? It worked extremely well. I put the extra in a jar in the fridge and wonder if the flavor gets better over a few days.

Did it make me a rocket scientist? No, but my first mayo did start me thinking about the processed foods I eat and how I really want to think about everything I put in my body. About how easy it is to make a lot of the things I need in less time than it takes me to go to the grocery store. About how something as simple as mayonnaise made me feel like the king of the world for 10 minutes.

Who knew that my first mayo could end up being such a big deal to me?

Bonus: If I get any good at this, guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!

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