Remembering Winter 2012

Something happened this winter that has never happened before; I was actually looking forward to it.

Winter has always been my least favorite season. The days are dark and short. It is cold and I always seem to be so tired. The only thing I like about it is the food from the Farmer's Markets and cuddling with T. In my mind, Winter didn't really have much going for it.

Until this year. This was the first year I was actually looking forward to Winter and it had a lot to do with snowboarding.

Over the last three years I have taken up snowboarding and this year T and I bought passes to Mammoth Mountain our "local" (if 6 hours away is "local") ski hill. We bought these passes last spring and hadn't really thought things through when we purchased them. T had said he wanted to ski 30 days at Mammoth and we planned to go every other weekend. Over the summer we started looking at rentals in Mammoth and quickly realized this adventure was going to be more expensive than we had thought. After crunching some numbers and looking at our options (including what to do with our cat Samson) T decided to put the Airstream in Aberdeen.

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The short version of why he decided to do this would go something like this: We have friends who live in Aberdeen (the Fish Whisperer and his wife) and they talked T into Aberdeen. Mainly it was because they were there and could watch the Airstream. T also rigged up the Airstream so they flip a switch before we came up and the heaters are on low and heat the place right up (a trick we learned after freezing our first trip up). It's also nice to know your neighbors, so T went with Aberdeen.

From the map above you can see that Mammoth is about an hour and a half from Aberdeen. Surprisingly, even with factoring all the gas from driving and the cost of keeping the Airstream in Aberdeen, this still worked out to be less than what we could find in Mammoth. And we would have a place for Samson. So Aberdeen it was for the winter.

A few weekends into our plan I realized it wasn't going to work for me. I found myself dreading going to Mammoth because I had to play catch-up with everything I had to do at home. Typically we would drive to Aberdeen on Friday night and get there between 10:30-11:30 p.m. The next morning we would be on the road at 6 a.m. heading for Mammoth. Repeat on Sunday. Sometimes repeat on Monday and sometimes sleep in on Monday and stay around the Airstream. Leave Monday and get home at 10 p.m.

I would then spend the time between getting home and going on our next trip to Mammoth trying to catch up in things, only not really able to and then getting even more behind each trip we took. T didn't really understand it and would say thing like "just don't do it", "Mammoth should be your priority", and "you're getting stressed out about things that aren't important". Those comments didn't help the situation and I finally realized that Mammoth was the thing that was really important to him and finding a balance that worked for me was the thing that was really important to me. So I did and told T I was skipping every other trip to Mammoth because the things I wanted (needed) to do at home were more important to me than going to Mammoth every other weekend. This worked for me and I found myself enjoying the trips to Aberdeen and Mammoth much more.
Mammoth bluebird day
This winter turned out to be a very dry winter and not very good for snow. Last winter was epic and we got in a few days at Heavenly in Tahoe but this winter was not what we expected. Never the less, I had a great time snowboarding at Mammoth and even though I mostly stayed on the green runs, I liked it enough to get a pass next year. Somehow Winter has become a season to love.

This was the seasonal blog banner for Winter 2012. I took this picture last winter driving on Hwy 395 with T on one of our Tahoe ski trips. We call this "our house" and always point it out on our trips. It is south of Mono Lake and north of Mammoth. During the summer it is not much to look at but the snow that winter made it beautiful.

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