dinner @ Wine Cask (again) w/ Pictures

Saturday found me in Santa Barbara for an awesome (work related) conference. Earlier in the week I had mentioned I was heading to Santa Barbara to the Little Sister and thinking about hitting up Wine Cask again for dinner. (We were there two weeks ago and you can read about it HERE.) She said she was in! And the two of us spent the day in Santa Barbara. I was working and she was napping, reading, getting sunburned and clearing her mind.

After all that hard work we headed over to Wine Cask.....
Wine Cask

This time I asked to sit on the patio and it was beautiful. The weather was perfect and I want my house to look like this place. It is fantastic! (Here is a photo from the Wine Cask Gallery)

The Little Sister and I split a half bottle of the Flying Goat Pinot Noir (same wine as last time) and struggled with what to order. Do we get the same AMAZING things we got last time, or try something new? We finally decided to try something new.

We started with Quail with maple stuffing and a blackberry sauce. At least I think that was what it was. It was new on the menu and it was pretty good. I would think about ordering it again.
Wine Cask: Quail w/ stuffing and Blackberry Sauce
Next was the main course. I had the:
GRILLED WAGYU NEW YORK STRIP (Medium Rare) red flannel hash, chervil-horseradish
Wine Cask: Grilled Wagyu New York Strip
And the Little Sister had the:
DUCK CASSOULET ‘TRIO’ white beans, duck leg confit, braised pork cheek, Farpoint Ranch sausage
Wine Cask: Duck Cassoulet "Trio"
Both of these were really good, but we both agreed, that our first entrees at Wine Cask were a little better. To re-cap I had the (SPRING GARLIC MARINATED RACK OF LAMB (Medium Rare) BD farms wild greens, tourneed cauliflower and romaine hearts, romaine pistou and the Little Sister had the ROASTED DOUBLE-CUT KUROBUTA PORK CHOP black truffle puree, fingerlings, smoked lardo, Greek yogurt emulsion).

For dessert we ordered the MASCARPONE PANNA COTTA, strawberry crisp, rhubarb compote. It was good but not something I would write home about. I had been wanting to order the Market Cobbler and after we ate the Panna Cotta I did! I really wanted to try it because so far, the desserts were the weakest link at Wine Cask.
Wine Cask: Mascarpone Panna Cotta
I am glad I tried it because it was the best dessert I have had there to date. It was a BLACKBERRY MARKET COBBLER, cinnamon ice cream, Ojai Valley honey. The cinnamon ice cream was amazing. I would just order that if I had to. It was drizzled with the Ojai honey and the top of the cobbler was a biscuit. A biscuit! It was really, really good. I would order it again!
Wine Cask: Blackberry Market Cobbler w/ Cinnamon ice cream
I would HIGHLY recommend Wine Cask for dinner but the next time I head to Santa Barbara I will be trying Intermezzo, the sister restaurant of Wine Cask. I mean Wine Cask has a sister! How could I not try it?


  1. Oh man, we must go back soon!

  2. Oooh. The cobbler looks great! And the quail, too. Yum!