Ireland: Airport - Killkenny

Day 1: I just finished my first day in Ireland and am exhasted. Jet lag played a part in it but so did the stress of driving on the wrong side of the road and everything associated with driving in Ireland! I should mention here that I did none of the dirving. I was the navigator but it was stressful enough doing that. My poor sister who drove. Bet she regrets telling me she would drive the first day now...

The day worked out today, but I am thinking we might have been a little over booked. From the airport we headed to Powerscourt Gardens.
The sisters and I walked the gardens and had some lunch there. It was very pretty but I guess after seeing so many beautiful garden designs in France and California, it just didn't have the same "wow" factor for me.

Next we headed to Glendalough and did the walk to the upper lake. This place was beautiful and I would recommend it if anyone is in the neighborhood. You can read about Glendalough here http://www.glendalough.ie/ (I am falling asleep as I write this sitting up). We visited the ruins and I love the pictures I got there.

There was all kinds of getting lost and car strangness but I think I will sleep on those adventures for a few days. The plan was to drive around the clock face of the island, but things might be changing. I will post updates when I have internet again.

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