Ireland countdown: 36 hours

In about 36 hours the sisters and I will leave for Ireland.
We have:
  • airfare
  • car rental
  • first nights accommodations
  • a rough plan
I have never taken a trip like this. By that I mean:
  1. A trip to Ireland
  2. A trip where I need to rent a car and drive on the wrong left side of the road
  3. A trip where I do not have a solid plan and concrete reservations
Looks like I am turning over a new leaf......Not happily though. It is REALLY hard for me to be uncertain about travel plans but I have a few things going for me.
  1. My sisters and I will have a blast no matter what happens
  2. They speak english in Ireland
  3. Things work out. Things work out. Things work out.
Ireland here we come. Even if I am ready or not....

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