Ireland: Doolin to Galway

Fresh off a great stay in Doolin the sisters and I headed north to Galway. A lucky turn took us through the Burren and for the first time this trip I started thinking about maybe coming back to Ireland. I should of realized I was jinxing something because driving in Galway was not fun and then we had a little bit of bad luck with the B&B but the drive to Galway was beautiful. Here are a few pictures from the road.

Driving in cities is our least favorite place to drive in Ireland but eventually we found the tourism office and asked for a place to stay. Originally we had thought of staying in Galway for 2 days but after setting foot in the B&B our plan changed. The problem was the B&B smelled like cigaretes. Not the room we were staying in, per say, but the whole house. Someone who lived there smoked and you could smell it everywhere. Truth be told, we should have walked out when we first walked in but we have this "nice" complex sometimes that doesn't really help anyone. We decided to stay for one night and rearranged our itenerary again.

On a side note: The B&B was called Liskea and run by Kathleen. I am going to do a blog post that covers all the B&Bs we stayed in but this was by far the worst. On top of smelling like cigaretes the room was very small. So small that it would not have passed the yoga mat test. The yoga mat test is having enough room to put down a yoga mat if you wanted to do some yoga. Some other things that happened at this B&B is that Kathleen charged us more than the tourist office told us the cost was and did not take off any money when we told her the night before we were leaving at 6:30 a.m. so we would not be having breakfast. All other B&Bs take off 10 euros if you were not having breakfast. If you are traveling to Ireland, TripAdvisor is really big here. There are a lot of reviews and we have started to us it a lot. Liskea House was not on TripAdvisor, but it will be soon with our review!

Galway was not impressing me. The sisters and I walked back to the City Center along the ocean and even found the European version of TJ Maxx! (it is called TK Maxx here). Everyone was out as the weather was beautiful. Galway is a university town and lots of people were sitting by the water drinking beer and getting some sun. Every person we talked to said this was the best summer weather they have had in 2 years. Lucky us! The weather felt just like home (California).

We cruised the Latin Quarter and were lucky to score a table Ard Bia. Ard Bia was on the Middle Sister's resturant list and it was very good. We sat upstairs and it was charming. I would highly recommend it.

Photos from Ard Bia:

We were finishing up our wine when two gentlemen at a nearby table started talking to us and ended up joining us. We split two more bottles of wine and had a great time talking with them. We started dinner at 7pm and left at 11pm. The Irish certainly have the gift of gab but these two gentlemen saved Galway for me. The meal was the best experience I had in the city and I am glad we ran into them.

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