Ireland: Galway to Donegal via Sligo

Day 7 was a Sunday and we left the bad B&B in Galway (see Ireland: Doolin to Galway for that story) and headed for Sligo at 6:30a.m.. My last name is Irish and my dad told us to go to Sligo to see this famous statue of one of our "relatives". The sisters and I showed up and nothing was open. It turns out that on Sundays shops open up around noon, if at all. Here are a few pictures from Sligo.

Cool modern architecture.

We wondered around Sligo looking for the statue my dad told us about and I finally asked an older Irish gentleman if he knew where it was. Hi did. It was an hour south of us. Great. We decided not to try to find it and pushed on for Donegal.

It was another beautiful day in Ireland and Donegal was having a festival called Donegal LIVE. The town was packed and there was all kinds of live music going on. The sisters and I walked around the town a bit taking in some of the sites.

At about 8:30 we decided to head back to the B&B as downtown was getting a little crazy. Our B&B was far enough away that we didn't hear any of the late night concerts and were in bed about 10:30. Donegal was a one night stop over and we headed to Portstewart the next day.

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