Ireland: Kilkenny - Kinsale

Day 2 and the truth is, driving is killing our trip. I am still not the one driving (the middle sister has taken on that) but I am the one navigating and Ireland is driving me nuts. I can usually roll with the punches but today (day 2) I kind of lost it a little inside. The problem we realized later is that street names are not marked very well or at all. I realized this after we had missed something three times. I finally walked into a very nice hotel and said "Can you help me? I have no idea where I am". I didn't even know if I was in the right city. I started to feel a little less bad when the girl told me the streets are awful in Ireland and you have to navigate by landmarks. She then proceeded to give me directoins by drawing on my map and telling me the landmarks to look for. We never would have gotten to our destination with out her but it dawned on me that this driving thing was really cramping our style. It made us stressed out and grumpy and I thought a few times that it would just be better to scratch the driving thing all together! The Little Sister and I both can get car sick and the curvy roads are not helping anything. I am still wondering about all of this, but our evening in Kinsale was better than the day and I am trying to forget about it. We will see if tomorrow is a repeat of the trip so far.

Today we left Kilkenny and headed for Cork and Blarney. Then back to Cork for the English Market and then on to Kinsale. Our B&B, Pier House B&B, is charming and right on the water. The Little Sister and I are sharing a room while we gave the Middle Sister her own room (she was the driver after all). After a few hours wandering around Kinsale we decided to have dinner at Max's. I went with the lamb and it was very good. For dessert I had a cheese plate with Irish cheeses and it was perfect with my last glass of red wine. I had my first pint in Ireland tonight and listened to some great live music at a local Pub.
Tomorrow the sisters and I are adjusting our plan. Instead of following the itenerary we prepared, we are now going to get in the car and drive until we want to stop. If we don't make it to the destination we hoped to see, oh well. We are trying to find a balance between seeing what we want to see and liking our trip. I am sure we will figure it out, but these first two days have been trying. For me driving in Ireland without knowing exactly where you are going is awful. I havn't been this stressed out in awhile and I am on vacation! Something has to change and the sisters and I are working out what that is.

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