Ireland: Kinsale to Kenmare

Day 3: Kinsale to Kenmare took about 5 hours but it felt a lot longer. The weather was wet and the roads were narrow. We stopped at the Timoleague Friary but other than that is was mostly driving.

One of my sisters made a comment about people who take road trips not minding the driving, but thinking about it more (as a person who takes a lot of road trips) that is not really the case. The road trips I take with T involve a lot of drivng, but also involve a lot of stopping and hanging out. This trip to Ireland did not include any hanging out and I didn't realize how much I needed that.

We arrived in Kenmare (a gateway to the Ring of Kerry) and found the Tourist / Information Office. These offices are great for finding a place to stay. The lady working directed us to the Rockcrest house, about a 5 minute walk out of town. This B&B was lovely, with Marilyn, the owner giving us tea and biscuits the minute we came in the door to warm up. Here is the house:

After getting settled down, we headed out to explore the town. I had some great honey ice cream, but other than that the joke seemed to be on us. A lot of resturants were closed on Wednesday and we ended up getting a bottle of wine at a local shop to have with some farmer's market cheese. We were in the sitting room at our B&B and I fell asleep. My sisters said I should go to bed and I did. Guess a little jet-lag and driving around all day had worn me out. The moral of this story though is that my two sisters started talking about the Ireland trip so far and decided to come up with a new itenerary because they were not having very much fun driving everyday too. They asked me if I had anything I really wanted to see and then made a new plan. Basically we would spend one day driving (a lot) but then stay put the next day and enjoy the area we were in. I was up for a change and that is what we ended up doing the next day.

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