From Russia with love

I know everything has been Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, but that is because I only had one (short) week between my Ireland trip with the sisters and my Russia trip with my Mom, and Mo and her Mom, and AC.

Mo, AC, and I all work together and the Russia trip came about because Mo and her Mom have been looking for a trip to Russia for the last FIVE years. Five years, lucky for me they found one and here we are.

A few words about this trip.

1. This is an organized trip or, tour if you will. It is a river cruise starting in Moscow and ending in St. Petersberg. We are going with a group called Grand Circle Travel. Grand Circle Travel or GCT has been a good company to go with so far. They offer a lot of information about the trip once you sign up and even helped with the Russia Visa process.

2. Grand Circle Travel has a target audiance of retired Americans. Secretly I cringed a little when I first realized this. Traveling with a company that specifically targets retired Americans is not usually how I roll. I felt a little bit like a travel snob when I started getting travel packets and it looked like I was going to be on a boat full of "blue hairs". (I know all my Mom's friends who are reading this right now are shaking their heads...) But I started thinking about it and realized that whoever was on the boat were people just like me who wanted to see Russia. If the majority of them were retired Americans, it just meant I would get to hear some great stories and think about what I wanted to do with my life when I "retire".

3. This is my Mom's first real international trip. I know she will say she has gone to Mexico and Canada, but come on! Mexico and Canada are right next door to the U.S., they don't really count. I know this is the first time she had to spend 10 hours on a flight from DC to Moscow (Boo to 10 hour flights). I think it is good that we went through GCT because my Mom will be with her "peers" and the fact that everything is planned and organized will make the trip less stressful. I think there will be a little stress with being in a new country, but I have a feeling Grand Circle Travel does everything they can to make the trip stress free and as memorable as possible.

This is my first cruise. I am looking forward to it. I am a little nervous about being on a boat after the Alaska Eagle boat delivery last summer, but hope things will be okay. I am looking forward to taking this trip with my Mom and enjoying the night life in Russia. I have a feeling I will be enjoying the night life with Mo and AC but maybe Mom will join us too.

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