Ireland: Carlingford

The sisters and I spent two nights in Carlingford at the suggestion of JJ, who ran the B&B we stayed at in Portstewart. He said when he and wife go on holiday, they like to go to Carlingford. Sounded good to us so that is where we spent the night on Day 10 and Day 11.

I mentioned in the previous post (Ireland: Portstewart to Carlingford) that it had started to be gray and rain. Day 11 was no change. Carlingford is know for being between the mountains and the sea and having lovely walking routes. We were going to take a few of these and even got some maps from the B&B but then were told we should not do any that went too high in elevation as the cloud cover would block visability and we would need a compas to find our way home. Seeing as "high elevation" is about 300-500 feet we decided to skip those walks.

Instead we stayed closer to Carlingford Lough (the ocean) and explored the city. Carlingford has a lot of medival ruins that the city has built itself around. There is a a King John's Castle (of Robinhood fame) and a haunted city gate.

Carlingford is a "Tidy Town" and we realized we had stayed in a few "Tidy Towns" in Ireland. If you have seen the movie "Hot Fuzz" you would probably been laughing at this like we were. In our un-eductated American way, we didn't realize this was a real thing that towns did when we saw "Hot Fuzz". Now that we had a better understanding of "Tidy Towns" every time we would see a sign for one we would start cracking up. Basically a "Tidy Town" is a competition town participate in and Carlingford won a national award one year. Maybe that is why they had street signs! (In previous Ireland posts I lament the lack of signage...)

We really enjoyed Carlingford and had a great time at PJ's Pub (or the Anchor Bar as the sign calls it) and had one of the best dinners I had in Ireland at The Oystercatcher Bistro. Our B&B was fabulous and my only improvement could have been with the weather.

Carlingford B&B - Carlingford House (my second favorite B&B in Ireland) night 2

Restaurant of note: The Oystercatcher Bistro (My favorite meal in Ireland!)

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