Ireland: Portstewart to Carlingford via Belfast and Glenariff

Day 10 the sun went into hiding soon after we started our trip south. We got a little "gentle" rain but for the most part it was a gray and overcast day. The Middle Sister wanted to check out one of the fabled Glens on our way south and picked Glenariff.

Glenariff is one of the nine Glens of Antrim in Northern Ireland. A "glen" simple means a valley but if you talk to a local about the Glens they tell you how they were a place where fairies and other Irish myths lived. It was easy to believe as we walked through Glenariff, the "Queen of the Glens". Purple wildflowers led us to waterfalls that cascaded into clear pools on there way to anther waterfall. It was an amazing place.

From Glenariff we headed to Belfast where the Little Sister wanted to see the Ulster Museum, Queens' College and the botanical garden. Lucky for us, they are all right next to each other.

My favorite thing about Belfast was something we discovered called ice cream with a "tray bake". Basically it is a huge bowl of ice cream (the desserts in Norhtern Ireland are HUGE) with something baked in a tray cut up and put on top. Imagine a brownie cut up and put on top of a bowl of ice cream but they have all these other things they make in "trays" that they put on the ice cream. Things like rocky road tray bake or chocolate mint tray bake or caramel tray bake.... Yum!

Carlingford B&B - Carlingford House (my second favorite B&B in Ireland)

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