Russia: Kizhi Island

Day 9 was another day I was looking forward to because it involved cooking classes!  I realized by now that Grand Circle was "theming" the days.  The theme on day 9 was Russian Cuisine.  On day 9 we had a Russian Cuisine Presentation, made Pelmeni (kind of like Russian tortellini) and a blini (Russian crepes) party.  I really liked the Russian Cuisine Presentation and the blini party.
My blini with WAY too much honey.
Mo gets the blini she made.

Our stop on day 9 was on Kizhi Island in the middle of Lake Onega, the northern most point on our trip.  Kizhi Island is home of the Church of the Transfiguration, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The Church of the Transfiguration has 22 timbered onion domes and is made completely out of wood with no nails.  Kind of cool. 

Day 9 was another SWIMMING day and Konstantin took us to a swimming spot and we got to swim in Lake Onega.  It was also REALLY cold!

Don't be fooled by the picture below, Konstantin also went swimming.

Vodka made an appearance again!

Mo took this shot of the swimming gang walking back to the ship.

J-him (my buddy) went "fishing with the captain" instead of to the church and when we got back to the ship he was a little drunk and the one handing us warm towels to wash our hands.  Turns out every time he caught a fish the captain would pour him a shot of vodka!  Now that is a good fishing trip! 

The swimmers with our favorite towel boy!

Other things that happened on day 9 included:

During lunch our boat, the Tikhi Don, passed her sister ship in the middle of Lake Onega.  This was kind of cool because the two boats got really close to each other and every one was waving and had flags.  I think this was a bigger deal to the crew of the ship because they had friends on the other boat, but it was fun to wave at the other boat as it passed us by.

The only bad thing about day 9 is that my Mom started feeling sick.  Now she didn't admit she was feeling sick,  just said she was tired, and stayed on the boat at Kizhi Island.  She ended up sleeping most of the day and into the night.  Poor Mom!

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