Russia: Moscow Kremlin and the Armory

Day 5 was another tour filled day in Moscow (insert sarcasm font here). We jumped on the bus and headed out for our Kremlin / Armory tour.

Turns out our Armory tour was going to be at 2pm so we drove around Moscow a bit and then had an early lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe - Moscow. Yes. The Hard Rock Cafe - Moscow. Not my first choice and not even my last choice, but we were told it was the only resturant Grand Cirlce could find that could serve a group our size. This made sence, but it was sad for me to go to a Hard Rock Cafe (sorry Dad, I know you love them) instead of having some local food in Moscow.

One cool thing we saw when we were driving around Moscow was the sculpture above called, "Children of Victims of Adults' Vices" by Michael Shemyarin. It was a very moving piece of art. Only part of it is shown in the photo above but it is a testament to how much Russia really tries to protect their children. For example, in communist times, everyone was just given a place to live. When communism fell the people living in their homes kept them but now other people had to buy homes with money they didn't have. To protect their children, or to make sure they have a place to live, the government required that you show you have enough money to buy your child a house if you want to sell the house the government gave you. I guess it is the way of trying to make it fair for Russians who were not given houses in the communist times with those who can't afford them in the present time. It seemed a little strange at first but ultimatly I think I understood.

The Kremlin and Armory where another whirlwind tour. There were lots of churches inside the Kremlin and the Armory had the famed Faberge Eggs owned by the Zars. I hated the Armory tour because we only spent about 30 minutes inside and our tour guide was running us from place to place. After the first two stops I left the group and wandered a bit on my own, but ultimatly met up with the group again when it was time to find the bus. In hind site, I should have just taken the metro home and stayed a while longer in the Armory. Lesson learned. Again.

This bell is inside the Kremlin. There is a silly story of one of the daughter of somebody in Russian history requesting that this bell be put in the bell tower in the photo above. I am not sure if you can tell but the bell is much bigger than the bell tower. I guess it was a time when people did not question royalty because there was an attempt to raise this bell to the bell tower but it dropped and cracked and has not moved since. The biggest, heaviest, bell in Russia and it never got to ring.

After dinner Mom and I headed into the city center to visit Red Square at night. My mom wanted to use the Metro and I was more than happy to escape the boat with her. We wandered the city at night and returned to the boat about midnight. I loved seeing the city this way. I am a wanderer and my Mom is a first time international traveler. It was fun to see the city through her eyes.

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