Russia: Petrozavodsk

Day 10 started with a request for the doctor to come see my Mom.  She finally admitted that she wasn't felling well.  The doctor came and gave her a some medication.  Then my Mom went back to bed.  

On day 10 we stopped at Petrozavodsk.  We were told this was the "most" (the Russians used the word "most", "biggest", and "best", a lot) Soviet city we would see.  I'm not sure why they said that. Was it because events had happened in this city during the Soviet time or was it because it was a city that had not changed (in terms of architecture or city planning) since Soviet times?  The hammer and sickle symbol adorned a lot of the building and could even be seen on the base of the street lights.

This city just seemed to be a city.  The sidewalks had chalk drawings from children, the waterfront was filled with families enjoying the day (it was a Saturday) and weddings were taking place in the beautiful sunshine.  Petronzavodsk was just another city filled with people living their lives.  

After the city tour I returned to the ship and found that my Mom was feeling much better.  She and I took a short walk along the waterfront in Petrozavodsk before the ship set sail. 

Dinner that night was a Ukrainian Dinner and it was pretty good.  Next stop: Svirstroy!

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