Russia: St. Petersburg (day 2 of 4)

I am trying to finish up my posts about Russia before I head out on my final adventure of the summer, an Eastern Sierra camping trip with T and Samson!  This has been a really full summer (Ireland, Russia, and Eastern Sierra) and I have just been able to catch my breath.  When we get back from the Eastern Sierra I have one more week off and then back to work.  I am so grateful to have a job with a 10 month contract!

Now back to Russia.....

Day 13 was the second day in St. Petersburg.  Mo was still feeling a little under the weather but was going to meet the group after lunch for the Hermitage Museum Visit.  The day started with a visit to St. Isaac's Cathedral.  This was an other beautiful church (A.B.C.) also filled with lots of people.  The fun thing about this church is that it is designed by someone who is not Russian (gasp) and it was never supposed to work because most of St. Petersburg was originally marsh land.  I guess the Zsar wanted a cathedral and a young architect told him he could build him one.  The cathedral itself is a marvel and a lot of ingenious things happened to make it work.  I always think necessity is the mother of invention, and this cathedral proved that point.

After our visit to St. Isaac's we had a light lunch and were headed to the Hermitage.  I loved the decor in the restaurant we had lunch in and had to share a picture.
The Hermitage was described as the Russian version of the Louver.  The Hermitage itself was one of the palaces of the Zsars  and now house an incredible collection of art.  I let Konstantin know that I was going to explore the Hermitage by myself and took of to find the impressionists on the third floor.  

I love looking at impressionests and was so glad I spent my time up there.  I even found a picture of the place I am going to travel to in 2014 (I try to do an international trip every two years).  Here it is,  Garden in Bordighera, Impressions of Morning, -Claude Monet.

After the Hermitage, my Mom had asked me to help her take the metro to a place where a friend of a friend used to live.  She wanted to take some pictures for her.  We jumped on the metro and made our way to the stop.  It turns out my Mom didn't have tons of information about what we were looking for so we just took a few pictures before it started POURING RAIN on us.

There is a saying in St. Petersburg, if you want different weather, just wait 5 minutes. So we waited, about 10 minutes and the weather cleared up enough for us to make it back to the metro.  When we got off the metro to catch the bus it started pouring again.  My Mom and I huddled under my umbrella waiting for the bus to come.  After about 15 minutes I saw our bus and we ran to catch it.  There were a lot of people waiting for the bus and eventually it was so packed I didn't think the doors would be able to close.  I really understand what it means to be packed in now!  We eventually made it back to the ship but I think Mom had enough of public transportation that day!  

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