Russia: St. Petersburg (day 4 of 4) FREE DAY!!!!

Day 15 was my last day in Russia.  Mom had elected to go on some optional tours so AC and I headed into St. Petersburg to wander around.  I really only had one goal, find an H&M.  I know this doesn't sound like a huge lofty goal, but I had been trying to find an H&M in Russia and had yet to find one.  My sisters and I seem to find them every time we travel and it was kind of a joke to start with but then it became a quest!  Lucky for me, we found one.

I was also really lucky to have gone out with AC.  She and I are friends and we work together.  I had never really hung out with her much until this trip.  We had a great time and on this particular day I was extra lucky to hang out with her because we passed a bakery and she said, Mind if we look in?  I love to eat at local places.  HELLO! I also love to eat... at local places.  She and I spent the rest of the day stopping in tons of cafes and trying what we could find.

The first bakery of the day.

One of the Zara's in St. Petesburg.

The Dean and Deluca of Russia.

What?  Another cafe?

And yet, another.

We wandered around the city and had a great last day in Russia. 

Later that evening I got sick for about 15 minutes and panicked a little because I was leaving for the airport at 3am.  I ran to Mo and over-medicated myself.  The truth is I probably was just reacting to my over indulgence of food that day.  The good news was that I woke up and felt fine.  The bad news was that I had some really long flights ahead of me to get home.  Here I am in my airplane clothes.

Russia ended up being very interesting and I am glad I went.  I am still thinking about the trip and plan to have a Russia Take Away post sometime in the future with my final thoughts on the trip.  Until then, I hope you enjoyed reading about it here!

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